Our online Scientology Bookstore represents a full opportunity to not only answer for yourself “What is Scientology?”, but as well how the Scientology religious philosophy offers a simple, yet powerful and unique insight about ourselves and life. This website is complete with successes, videos, a blog, social media, as well as our various materials that can be purchased online and studied at home.

Scientology beliefs are simple to understand and as an all-denominational religious philosophy, one need not forgo one’s current religious beliefs or practices to study and apply Scientology to one’s life. Many people from many and varied faiths study and utilize Scientology principles to better their marriage, raise happier children and find greater success in business and in life.

Life tends to force the individual into certain values. The stresses of everyday existence tend to fixate an individual to certain chronic problems to a point where his awareness of himself, the world around him and the actual sources of problems become greatly diminished. The goal of Scientology is reverse this dwindling awareness, and in a sense, orientate the individual to the world around him and his purposes in it. As one becomes more alert and aware to these factors, his abilities increase and he is more capable of a greater understanding of himself and life.

Scientologists naturally share their wins and successes that they have achieved through the study and application of Scientology. The best way to find out what is Scientology for yourself is to read a beginning book on the subject.

The Scientology Bookstore was intended to be a resource for those interested in Scientology in the Orange County area, as well as San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Another purpose to this web site is for those who are already involved in Scientology to be able to properly disseminate this technology to their friends and family. If you would like to receive more information about our materials or the Scientology books and courses, please feel free to call us at 1-800-488-4577. As well, we are open seven days a week and you can stop by at our center at 1451 Irvine Blvd. Tustin, CA 92780.